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Benefit from more than 40 years of experience in software development

We empower you to write better code in less time.

Many software companies find it difficult to find suitable employees to meet the demand for individual software solutions. This can be mitigated by increasing developer productivity. More working time or pressure, however, has the opposite effect and alternatives are urgently needed.


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Increase Quality

The quality of your software will increase sustainably, which benefits your reputation and your customer's satisfaction.

Increase Satisfaction

Not only will your employees become more productive, they are also going to have more fun at work and are no longer in danger of being poached.

Save Time and Money

You will save time and money thanks to the innovative workflows and tools presented.

Our Services

Legacy Code Remediation

Do you have software that has been on your back for several years, which has to be adapted to the current conditions again and again?

Software loses its elasticity in the course of time if it is not specifically worked on. Grown structures make it more and more difficult to adapt the software to new technologies or to add new features.

Over the past decades, we learned a lot about how to keep software maintainable. In most cases, what we have learned can also be applied to old software.

We help you get your software back in shape.

Code Review

Assessing source code quality is a complex task. This applies especially to long-running internal projects that have not undergone an extensive quality assurance process or third party software. Our quality reports are invaluable in providing you with deep insight into the quality of your project and provide you with the information you need to make important improvements.

We analyze your program code and document the results.

You will learn which factors could impede further development, how best to deal with them, and how to avoid them in the future.

Automated Testing

Automated and continuous testing is essential for modern software development because it drastically reduces failures in the software. Software failures cause more costs the later they are found and fixed. Therefore, bugs must ideally be avoided, in any case be reliably detected and removed as early as possible.

We show you how you can test your software automatically.

These tests make sure that the software really does what it is supposed to do and that nothing gets broken when the program changes.


The software requirements are constantly changing, as is the software itself. Software must be adapted to new requirements as quickly as possible - regardless of whether they are business or technical requirements. Targeted refactoring allows you to restore legacy software to a state where development is quick and easy.

We help you bring your software up to date.

By decoupling the various program parts, your software gains flexibility and can be adapted to new requirements in the future with less effort.

Document-Driven Development

Have you ever felt uncomfortable because your software wasn't sufficiently tested or the documentation wasn't up to date? Have you ever missed your customer's requirements?

As an improvement to Test-Driven Development, Document-Driven Development ensures that your customer gets exactly what s/he ordered, and that you as the developer know exactly when the project is ready – including 200% test coverage and complete documentation. And all this with less effort than before!

Whether you use waterfall or agile methods, Document Driven Development will improve your productivity and will give you the satisfaction you deserve.

We help you to make the most of your resources.

Niels Braczek

Our Skill

Niels Braczek has been a developer for over 40 years and has worked in a wide variety of environments. Since the turn of the millennium he has been developing in PHP and knows all the pitfalls.

The quintessence of his experience is that maintainability of the code has to be the top priority. Therefore he has profound knowledge about software architecture with a special focus on maintainability and software quality.

He has known and used most of the tools used for this - such as containerization and continuous integration - since their inception.

A high degree of curiosity and openness towards new developments ensures that he will discover new tools and methods early on and - if useful - integrate them into the development process.

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